Railtrack want to close the railway crossing at the end of the Alban Way.
This is off our patch, but we have organized cycle rides over this crossing and we thing it is important.

Some of our cycle rides have used the Alban Way, this is a cycle path that links Hatfield and StAlbans.
Map of the Alban Way cycle path >> Map

We have found out via BBC 3 counties radio, that there is a petition to keep Cottonmill railway crossing open.

See also The Herts Advertiser article >>  The Herts Advertiser artical

The crossing has been misused see bbc story >> bbc   (no trains in any image)

Local residents have started a campaign to keep the crossing open. >>>  facebook page

The petition reads: “We the undersigned petition the county council to work with local residents to stop the much used Cottonmill railway crossing from being closed and instead require Network Rail to put in place all possible and appropriate safety measures and procedures.”
To sign the petition is easy and can be done on line, but to do so, you need to live in Hertfordshire. The petition is open until 31st October 2018.

We support this crossing being kept open and welcome it being upgraded rather than being closed. We will update this story as it develops.